Who we are, and what we do...

Kingsway Church has been part of the community of Wombourne for over thirty years. During this period, the church has met both the social and spiritual needs of the community in ways such as infant dedications, adult baptisms, marriages and funeral services.

In recent years, Kingsway has been expanding to also meet a range of community needs, which are relevant to members of the village community. During this time, the church has experienced continual year upon year growth in active church members, who are seeking to engage in further community support.

Senior Citizens
Almost since the church began, ‘New Horizons’ has catered for weekly meetings of senior citizens, encouraging inter group relationships with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and a warm meal. Speakers from various backgrounds address this group. Alongside this group, there is the ‘Knitting Group’ and the ‘Sewing Group’, which also meet weekly.

These groups provide a very necessary arena for older people to remain active. They provide places so that people do not feel alone. Work with senior citizens has been growing steadily and numbers approximately 50 people. These groups meet in the newly refurbished ‘Hub’, a spacious function room adjacent to the large, modern kitchen.

All Age Reading Group
This group is called ‘A Little Aloud’ where a short story is read aloud and discussed over tea and cakes. It’s for people of all ages and meets monthly.

Kinship Carers Support Group
This group meets monthly at Kingsway Church and is for people who are bringing up a relative’s or friend’s child. Its tagline is ‘Keeping families together’.

Young People
Kingsway has a thriving young people’s work, which has seen very significant growth in recent years, in a number of areas. It has a vital role in working with both children and young people from the local community.

‘Junior Church’ meets on Sunday mornings and uses a meeting room on the ground floor called ‘The Ark’. This room is also used every Tuesday and Thursday morning for a mother + toddler group called Kings Kidz, which is so popular that it has a waiting list!

The main work with young people takes place on a Friday evening, which has also seen significant growth in the last two years. There are three distinct groups with ages ranging from 4 – 8 years, 9 – 12 years and 13 – 18 years. In total across these groups, there are usually over 100 children, with 70+ of them being teenagers.

Toddler Praise also takes place every Friday morning for... toddlers!

Our aim is to provide an environment where young people have a safe place to express their gifts and talents. With an ever increasing decline in government-supported Youth Centres, Kingsway is helping to fill the vacuum.

Wombourne Foodbank
Kingsway stores food for distribution to needy people across Wombourne and beyond. We deliver parcels to needy families following requests from local housing associations, doctors’ surgeries and other support centres.

Love Wombourne
Essentially, this team reaches out to our community with random acts of kindness. This includes free coffee in our local coffee shop for a few surprised customers, flowers and boxes of chocolates for those who serve our community such as doctors and police, free Easter eggs on Good Friday for villagers doing their shopping, welcome gifts for new businesses just getting started and so on. These random acts help dispel the notion that the church is just after your money!?

This needs to be experienced rather than read about! Come and see for yourself!

Small Groups
There are several, which meet at different times, in different places, with different age groups. As the church grows bigger, these groups provide care, friendship and teaching.

Lastly, the church is lead by a team comprising of a pastor, two elders and two deacons, ably assisted by a treasurer and minute secretary. There are four part-time paid staff. Day to day business is handled by two part-time administrators and we have many volunteers who lead, help, support and run our wide range of activities.