Why and How do we pray?

The Kingsway church encourages individual and collective prayer.  When the disciples asked Jesus, "Teach us how to pray", his instructions took the form of what we know as "The Lord's prayer".  This was meant to be prayed together for its opening word is "Our".  The title "Father" implies a close and loving relationship, and it is this we draw on whether at home or in church - or even in between.  So we expect people to pray in their homes, and look for them to join in prayer together.  Our services start with prayer, and our small group meetings invariably include prayer for the members' needs.  We have a prayer meeting on the second Tuesday of every month.  There is a prayer chain by which peoples' needs for prayer can be made known.  There are also small prayer groups which take up prayer requests left in the boxes in the church, sometimes anonymously. All this agrees with the teachings of the Bible: "The first thing I want you to do is pray.  Pray every way you know, for everyone you know. Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well...." (1 Timothy 2, The Message).

Our prayer cover a wide range of needs.  We pray for individuals who are ill, or who are going through difficult times.  We pray for the community around us, that our youth workers and school workers and all who try to influence society for good will be enabled by the grace of God to lead people to Jesus so that our work will have lasting value. We pray for our local councillors and MPs, as well as our government and ministers of state, that they may rule with justice and wisdom.  We pray for the work of the whole Christian community, locally and nationally.  We pray for those who seek to take spread the good news of Jesus to the whole world, and those who in Christ's name seek to relieve suffering in this world.

How can you be involved in this ministry?

Even if you cannot attend our services you can be a "prayer partner" through this website. 


If you can become a member of a small group, please participate in its prayer life.  And if you can come to the Tuesday prayer meeting you will find variety.  We may focus on one area of need, we may split into groups praying around the building, or we may even venture out and discretely pray around the streets of Wombourne.  If you have a particular need, use the "Prayer Request" button below and the team will pray for you.

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